FAQ / Helping Documents


  1. How to Become a Radio Announcer?
  2. How to train your voice for voice-acting?
  3. What is voice-acting?
  4. How You hiring international voiceover talents?
  5. What are the other services involved in international voiceover talent?
  6. What is International voiceover?
  7. What about Spanish voice talent?
  8. What is the service provided in Spanish voiceover?
  9. How do I pay for Spanish voiceover?
  10. Where your French voiceover services are available?
  11. What kind of French voiceovers do you provide?
  12. Do you have male and female talents for French voice over?
  13. What are the Major services for voice over?
  14. How to charge a customer for voice-over service?
  15. How to train your voice for voice-over?
  16. Are the voice talents native speakers?
  17. How much does it cost to hire a voice over talent?
  18. Can I talk to the voice talent before he/she records?
  19. How Is Translation Different for Voice-Over and Dubbing?
  20. What are the languages available in dubbing services?
  21. Do you provide live dubbing services for meetings?
  22. Is multilingual voice over services used for educational purpose?
  23. What to look out for to achieve high quality multilingual recording?
  24. What is Multilingual Voice Over Services?
  25. What about Arabic voiceover?
  26. How much it cost for Arabic voiceover?
  27. How fast will you deliver the Arabic voiceover project?
  28. What is meant by Turkish voiceover?
  29. How much it’s cost for Turkish voiceover?
  30. Can you give the demo for Turkish voiceover?
  31. Can I able to contact Russian voiceover talents?
  32. How quickly can I get the Russian voice over job done?
  33. What is the process involved in Russian Voiceover?
  34. Will you provide backup for Portuguese voiceover?
  35. How long it will take for you to deliver the Portuguese voiceover?
  36. Will subtitles appear on the screen while converting the content to Portuguese voiceover?
  37. Are you looking for professional Japanese voice over’s?
  38. What is the difference between Japanese voiceover and Japanese dubbing?
  39. Does Japanese Voice Over Services are backed with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee?
  40. Do have Indian voice talents at US?
  41. What Kind of service you provide in Indian voiceover?
  42. What is Indian voice over service?
  43. What are the options where I can have my spokesperson appear?
  44. What camera shots do you offer?
  45. Can I request certain attire for the spokesperson?
  46. What are services in training voice over?
  47. What is training voice over?
  48. What do I need to get the training voice over?
  49. How to get media voice over?
  50. What are the rates for media voice over?
  51. What are the various duration that media Voice-Over will undertake?
  52. How quickly can I get professional voice over?
  53. Why would I use a voice talent from your site when my friend has a good voice?
  54. What is the difference between professional voice over and celebrity voice over?
  55. Where can I convert a cheap voice over?
  56. Where can I get a cheap voice over?
  57. What is cheap voice over?
  58. Is your Character voices are available in .AIFF, .MP3, .WAV or CD overnight?
  59. What is the different between Character voice talents and voice artists?
  60. Are you using Character devices for creating Character voice over?
  61. How to get the celebrity voice over?
  62. What are the services in celebrity voice over?
  63. What is mean by celebrity voice over?
  64. How will you do Advertisement voice over?
  65. What is the difference between advertisement voiceover and advertising voice over?
  66. What is an advertisement voice over?
  67. How does animal dubbing work?
  68. What is animal voice over?
  69. How can I get Animal voice over?
  70. How quickly I will receive my response?
  71. How do you support your customers?
  72. Do you have professional male voice talents?
  73. What is British voiceover?
  74. What are the other services involved in British voiceover talent?
  75. Do you have professional Dutch voice talents?
  76. Do you have 100% native Dutch voice talents?
  77. Will you deliver Dutch voiceover project in 24 hours?
  78. Will you show any demo before preparing for book voiceover?
  79. How much it cost for providing voice to a single page of book?
  80. Are you providing voice for whole Book?
  81. Will you change my template while doing Tutorial voiceover?
  82. How long it will take for you to deliver Tutorial voiceover?
  83. What is meant by Tutorial voiceover?
  84. Will you provide child voice to PowerPoint Slides?
  85. Is there any demo for PowerPoint voiceover?
  86. Are you providing voiceover for PowerPoint slides?
  87. I want to use one of your professional Canadian voice actors for an on-going campaign. May I?
  88. What kind of equipment you have engaged in Canadian voiceover?
  89. How will you do Canadian voiceover?
  90. What is the rate for Australian voiceover?
  91. Can I able to contact Australian voice talents?
  92. Do you have male and female voice talents for Australian voiceover?
  93. What is meant by Post-production dubbing in Film dubbing service?
  94. What is the difference between movie dubbing service and film dubbing service?
  95. What is the difference between film voice over and film dubbing service?
  96. What are the languages you are providing in movie dubbing services?
  97. Will you provide subtitles while dubbing movie?
  98. How will deliver the dubbed movies, whether via DVD or Tapes?
  99. What is the process of online dubbing services?
  100. How to make online dubbing services?
  101. If it is online dubbing services, in how many hours you will deliver the order?
  102. What is mean by ON-HOLD voice over?
  103. What is the rate for on hold voice over?
  104. Where can we use on hold services?
  105. What kind of talents can use under game voice over?
  106. Is background music is available for game voice over?
  107. How can I get game voice actor?
  108. How to create website video spokesperson?
  109. How to add video spokesperson on website?
  110. What is website video spokesperson?
  111. What is the advantage of professional audio dubbing services?
  112. Is all the audio dubbing service is the post production activity?
  113. In what formats audio dubbing services are available?
  114. What are the major services in video dubbing services?
  115. Do you combine several videos dubbed onto DVD’s?
  116. In what formats dubbed videos are available?
  117. What exactly is voice dubbing services?
  118. What are the different types of voice dubbing?
  119. How is translation different Voice-over and dubbing?
  120. What is Virtual spokesperson?
  121. How to make virtual spokesperson?
  122. How to create a virtual spokesperson in minutes?
  123. What are the services included in the online spokesperson?
  124. May I able to speak with Online Spokespersons?
  125. What is online spokesperson?
  126. What is website spokesperson?
  127. How to create website spokesperson?
  128. What is the difference between Website spokesperson and Website Video Spokesperson?
  129. How can I get the videos in the animation service?
  130. What are the services under the animation voice over?
  131. What is meant by animation voice over?
  132. What is Voice over IP? (VOIP)
  133. What Is an IP Phone?
  134. What are the Benefits of voice over IP?
  135. Is there any subtitling options are used for video ads?
  136. What is the rate for: 60 min audio with subtitle?
  137. How can I get advertising voice over?
  138. What is the rate for cartoon voice over?
  139. What is meant by cartoon voice over?
  140. What sort of Cartoon Voiceover do you do?
  141. What is internet voice over?
  142. Where will be internet voice over used?
  143. What is the minimum rate for internet voice over?
  144. What is mean by movie voice over?
  145. List out major languages which are used in movie voice over?
  146. Is subtitle is available for movie voice over?
  147. Where will narration voice over used?
  148. How the documents get narrated?
  149. What is narration voice over?
  150. Where the business voice over services mainly used?
  151. What is known as business voice over?
  152. How to start a business voice over services?
  153. Will you provide Hindi voice over services for E-learning?
  154. What are the services provided in Hindi voice over?
  155. Is there minimum fee for Hindi voice over?
  156. Do you provide SFX sound quality?
  157. Do you provide background music for voice over?
  158. What is the sound quality for radio voice over?
  159. How about the clarity and quality of TV voice over?
  160. What is the Purpose of TV voice over?
  161. What is mean by video voice over?
  162. What is the range for mobile voice over services?
  163. List out the advantages of mobile voice over services?
  164. How do you check the quality?
  165. How can I get voice talents for microphone voice over?
  166. What is meant by Frequency Response?
  167. What is meant by Polar pattern?
  168. Which kind of voices are act in commercial voice over?
  169. What are the services in commercial voice over?
  170. How can I get commercial voice talents?
  171. What kind of talent involved in your female experts?
  172. Do your Female voice talents have good vocal range?
  173. Are the female voice talents professionals?
  174. What are the other services provide by your male voice talent?
  175. Do you have professional male voice talents?
  176. Are you providing best rate for Male voiceover talent?
  177. What are templates you’re providing for website voice over service?
  178. What is the rate for website voice over?
  179. Is there any company in US provides Website voice over service?
  180. What is e-learning?
  181. What are the languages available in e-leaning?
  182. How can I get e-learning voice over?
  183. What are the applications are used here?
  184. What are the services include with application voice over?
  185. What is meant by script voice over?
  186. Where we can use script voice over?
  187. What are the services used in script voice over?

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